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Projectstudio Berlin

Elisabeth Tonnard developed a project based on research into disseminated identity. In a semi-scientific manner and using various mediums, she created maps and registered what happened where and at what time. She focused on squares, corners and crossings where various directions/ impulses come together and collide. Berlin, a place where many identities continuously meet and influence each other, is ideal for this research.

Florian Göttke further developed his project Löwen und Adler, aiming for an exhibition and publication. Starting point of the project was a photo from 2006, of a monkey shelter at the East-Berlin zoo Friedrichsfelde. This shelter is shaped like a temple ruin, created in 1979 from the rubbles of Berlin houses destroyed in the second World War. A German imperial eagle is prominently visible on the back wall. This project concerns one of the most sensitive subjects in Germany: dealing with the recent history in the center of Berlin.

The Botanischer Garten in Berlin-Dahlem was the main principle of Sabine Timmermans’ research. She developed a new series of work titled Wanderlust. Her artistic plan was to map the different perceptions of the botanical garden: visually, scientifically, historically, metaphorically and within the context of the city of Berlin. The research aimed to sharpen the focus in her work.

Projectstudio Berlin
Elisabeth Tonnard, Florian Göttke, Sabina Timmermans