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uitzichtholsboer2310x205_th.jpgAtelier Holsboer, Paris

Atelier Holsboer

With materials such as textile and cheramics, the duo Bourlanges and Khurtova combine traditional crafts with modern technologies. Point of departure is the material being the carrier of memories. By reconstructing these materials, they underline the transience of the found material and create a new autonomy through adding new functions to the new ‘failures’. In Paris the duo continued on their project The Sky is on the Earth.

Nanda Janssen used the residency to further develop her specialism and aiming to fill the gap of French art and art critics in the Netherlands. Other plans were to work on the follow-up of the exhibition Material World, to create a new exhibition in collaboration with Lab’Bel, and to set up a French online art platform with Parisian artists, curators and writers at the request of Samuel Boutruche and Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin.

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Marie Ilse Bourlanges, Elena Khurtova, Nanda Janssen