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summer201702_th.jpgEdward Clydesdale Thomson, Reluctant Soft Furnishing, installation view, Grazer Kunstverein, 2017

The Necessity of Art

Inspired by Ernst Fischer’s 1959 publication titled ‘The Necessity of Art – A Marxist Approach’ the summer season of new commissions and artistic research at the Grazer Kunstverein is guided by Fischer’s claim that art is not only necessary in order to recognise and change the world, but that art is also necessary by virtue of the magic inherent within it. For Fischer this magic is located precisely in our ability to visualise potential, and to use this power to shape and control our natural world.

Grazer Kunstverein receives support for the participation of Edward Clydesdale Thomson and Ola Vasiljeva in their year-round program. Clydesdale Thomson was asked to present his work in the summer program. This presentation is the introduction to a bigger project, in which Clydesdale Thomson will create a new indoor garden for Grazer Kunstverein. This project will be finished in 2020. Vasiljeva will make an installation for the Winter 2017 program, and parts of that show will be on view untill 2020.

Grazer Kunstverein
Edward Clydesdale Thomson, Ola Vasiljeva