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being as becoming: liberating-art and/or liberating art

'being as becoming: liberating-art and/or liberating art' is a collaboration between public gallery and publisher Onomatopee (NL) and artist-run space Bus Projects (AU). The project integrates notions of ‘the contemporary’ and aims to assert the added qualities of artistic production in our life. Does art liberate and/or should it be liberated?

Bus Projects in Collingwood, Australia receives support for the participation of Sanne Vaassen and Tim Breukers in the exhibition 'Onomatopee 160 - being as becoming: liberating art and / or liberating art'. The exhibition is a collaboration between Bus Projects and Onomatopee in Eindhoven. Their working methods will be enacted through the open studio nature of the exhibition space. In her projects, Anne Vaassen makes the invisible visible; Tim Breuker undercuts formal methods of classical sculptural practice and shows the unexpected results. Furthermore the publication with 'logbooks' that are made during the exhibition, with critical essays by Nils van Beek, Martha Buskirk, Freek Lomme and Steven ten Thije is supported.

Bus Projects
Sanne Vaassen, Tim Breuker, Freek Lomme